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Who Knows What The Future Holds? ... Hope For The Best But...Be Prepared For Anything!!!
The only certainty about the future is that it's coming. The so-called, "civilized" world in which we live has proven itself to be fatalistically flawed and destined for extinction. Not Mother Earth, mind you. She will live on, as she has done for more than 5 billion years in spite of the forces that may have trespassed against her at times during her long life. Mankind, the human race, is simply another of those forces. It will not destroy this planet in spite of what the alarmists and doomsayers want you to believe. Given that this planet has survived and obviously rebounded from 5 billion years of perils and unknown devastation not the least of which have been the direct impact of an untold number of meteorites far more powerful that all of mankind's doomsday weapons combined, this planet will remain intact. Hence, it is conceivable that some of the human race could survive as well. Will you be one of them? It is, after all, the deepest in-bred instinct of the human animal to survive, in spite of all odds, regardless of the circumstances or possible outcome. Survival is, of course, made more possible with preparation. Prepare yourself, and your loved ones to live on.

This website is not meant or intended to scare or alarm you into thinking the end is near and all hope is lost. It is here to enlighten you, educate you in some ways perhaps. and provide you with access to information and resources that can enhance your chances and the chances of your loved ones survival in the event of catastrophe, man-made, or otherwise. We all are quite aware of the unstable climate in which we live, again, both, man-made and otherwise, any given day can befall us with the unknown. Preparation is your only defense.

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